If you don’t fix yo face

Please hear me when I say this…Get your grown ass somewhere and SAT down!!!!!!!!   How in the Sam hell (whoever Sam is) are you going to be petty and child like because YOU made a decision and didn’t ask me first THEN decide to tell me of said decision and I don’t jump on your bandwagon.  Boy bye. I am a planner, I do not, do, like, tolerate or take to kindly to last minute plans.  I am not wired that way, and while I am all about change I am not all about change…at the last damn minute.   Now, if I have something going on that I intend to make you part of, it’s written on the BIG WHITE BOARD that sits on the side of the refrigerator.  You can’t help but see it.  We also have at least two to three conversations about it because I must live with the most forgetful man in the world.  So with that being said, I don’t consider anything last minute because I like to plan out weeks in advance for whatever.  Unless it’s something like hey let’s go get ice cream after work, or can we run to IKEA tomorrow…something simple.

Here is a perfect example of how a little effective communication will prevent a major cussing out.  So, again, I advise you (sounds better than tell) of an outing that we have on OUR social calendar (that is also on that dang whiteboard that NOBODY seems to flipping read) as well as have a pretty in depth conversation about said outing.  Cool. We have it all set and ready to go.  Sometime prior (Feb 19th to be exact) you send me a flyer about a guy retiring at your job.  Blank Stare.  That’s it.  No hey, Mr. so and so is retiring and since we share the same last name, I would like US to attend.  Nor a hey this dude is retiring and although you don’t know him but maybe we could go to the shindig and maybe grab a bite to eat afterwards.  No, none of that.  Matter of fact you kind of forgot about it.  What I can not or will not tolerate is you acting like a brat because you forgot about it and want to then kinda pout and throw in my face the fact that we just did something the night before with “my folks” (work or otherwise).  Now again mind you, other than you sending me a picture of the flyer you never mentioned it again.  Sunday is a prep day for me.  Pick out clothes for the week, yes the week, then whatever cleaning not done the day before, or simply to veg out.  Mental preparation for Monday is vital and may take all day.

At any rate what’s not going to happen is a last minute decision to attend a retirement party at 6 to end at 8 AND you want me to drive to your job, pick you up, then eat dinner?  Have you met me??????  Dude we ain’t doing that…NO SIR!  Maybe I’m too rigid on some things but I can’t deal with selfish babies (dressed as 50 something year old men).  Stop your whining and pouting and do better.  I started this post last week didn’t finish until today and again he does it AGAIN.  Sends a flyer with the words Mark it down.  Who the hell you talking to first of all.  Via text mind you, his only saving grace.  I typed back hold the presses.  You need to ask me if I got something going on…mind you it’s Monday and this thing is on Saturday…not last minute per say but yes I have plans for Saturday that I made weeks ago…so what it’s in the morning that is not the point.  Then I politely state that you can say hey I would like for US to go…why is this so freaking hard?  He regroups and ASKS me properly.  He thanked for me helping him with his approach with better communicating with me (I was going to light his ass up).  I know this seems to be going on forever, I am almost done.  This is my process of instead of being a raving lunatic bitch to my husband, I write it all out and then I can move past it.

Exhaling the bullshit…I feel better now.

…can we just call a spade a spade

Let us all be great. Let us all be grown up and let us all be responsible for what we say or do. As grown up men and women, but I’m mostly speaking to the women and only to the ones where the following scenario will apply. If it’s not your issue or your problem then I’m not speaking to you. For the other others of us that may be guilty of saying something shady or catty to another only to have that shit come back in an unlikely format, STOP IT!!! Why can’t we learn to be a confidante like we pretend to be. If I tell you something I should not have to say don’t tell nobody. Hell I came to you in confidence other wise I would have said it in a different format. There is never a time or place that it is okay for one grown man or woman to tell another grown man or woman something only for it to bite him or her in the ass. That. Is. Not. Cool. Damnit.

Now look, life is hard a damn nough just living day to day. We should not have to have a full blown blow up about shit that is said in confidence and by some small thing that transpired it seemed that one small thing is now magnified. Let’s not be that person. We are all entitled to our opinions and thoughts that does not make them right or correct. We all have something that we don’t like or agree with about someone else’s life or choices. Guess what? If they didn’t ask you, mind your damn business… I don’t agree with everything that folks say in real life or via social media but if these said people are not part of our daily real life they don’t even matter. When will we stop letting unnecessary people and situations dictate our lives? There are some people that thrive off of keeping up shit and causing drama for others because they don’t have shit else to do. Or they don’t realize their actions are detrimental in how they choose to conduct themselves. Either way stop it, right damn now. Let people be great, let them do them. If you don’t like it, so what. If what they say or do doesn’t effect your day to day goings on then keep your mouth shut and keep it moving. People are miserable and misery loves company…you don’t have to be that company. Rise above the silliness and pettiness that keeps shit stirring. Let us all be great even if it’s only in the little circle that we revolve in.

…thou shalt not

It is the Lenten season, and what are you giving up? I’ve tried it all. Sweets, candy, cracking my knuckles, cussing (that never worked), and various other things. This year however, I wanted to not give up anything but incorporate some things. Like reading more, writing more, meditating or learning to woosah. What I did decide was to give up my family. I have decided not to fuss, that means I won’t be talking to them about the matters that cause me to lose my shit. There are things that burn my biscuits like dishes in the sink. Not just dishes but if I’ve been gone from home for a weekend and come home and there’s a sink full of dishes that I didn’t use and you expect me to wash them. Oh hell to the naw. That will get you cussed out very fast. The lack of other people knowing how to (pretending) clean up after themselves. The bathroom is is huge source of my irritation because I don’t stand to piss, yet I’m the one cleaning the piss off the toilet bowl. No fuckers. Not doing it. Well I will but I’m not going to cuss anybody out about it cause at this point it don’t even matter. I realize that if I am going to clean it I shouldn’t be cussing folks about it because it don’t really change it or make it any better cause they only fall in line for a few minutes then it’s back to their old habits.

So I figured it would just be easier to stop giving fucks to things not richly deserving of them (read the book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck). Instead I will just see how things go. Thus far the sink is dish free and there are paper plates at the ready to be used. Mind you those are courtesy of the 25 year old who would rather not wash the dishes anyway although she did do the last full sink full. While doing said dishes she kindly let it be known that that was her last time.  Ok, use your paper plates suga. The man, well he just go with the flow. We will see how that turns out when his shoes go missing that he don’t put away or shit he can’t find cause he left it on the table too long and then I put it where I deemed it should be. Garbage, in his basket on the desk or hidden under the nightstand. Somewhere just to make a point. Put your shit away. I know I can’t be the only female or person for that matter that deals with this but I may be a little worse with the reaction because I don’t ask for a lot from these people. Clean your mess, wipe up spills or pee, clean the damn sink and tub. There are various cleaning products everywhere…use them please.

Thou shalt not get my energy. Thou shalt not have me committed for going off on you for the 999th time about putting your shit away. Thou shalt not steal my energy with things that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Thou shalt not make me lose my shit or give fucks that are not warranted. THOU SHALT NOT!!!!

The most precious gift of LIFE


Listen to me folks. Do NOT TAKE LIFE FOR GRANTED. I know it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day and routines of your Monday through Friday life. Things come at you way to fast and you can get caught with your pants down and unprepared for what is about to come. Last year this time was rough. My husband contract a illness that attacked his blood. Folks he is still here today but knows how blessed he is to be alive here today. I too being with him the whole time during this 9 day stint in the hospital realize how things can escalate so fast. I learned a lot of new terms the most scary being rapid response…that means shit just got real. The swarm that invaded his room and the looks on their faces in no uncertain terms let me know that the seriousness of the current situation was not being taken lightly. Not even a little bit. Fast forward one year and we find ourselves back in the ER. Vasovagal syncope is now added to his list of health problems. Blood pressure can drop with current meds and drinking causes further drop and boom- down goes Frazier, or whatever his name might be.

So to deal with that and come through it made buying and wearing this shirt make sense for me. I am happy within myself first off. Happiness is an inside job folks. Hope that’s not news for any of you and if it is tap into that. Second, other sources of happiness are external and can and should cause great senses of joy and put a smile on your face. I love my husband despite the hell we have GONE THROUGH!!! For the gone though I can greatly appreciate the happiness of knowing that surely what doesn’t kill you (or if you don’t kill each other) will make you stronger. Through this strength you learn to love deeper and appreciate the moments of total bliss and those things that make you laugh. Love is what gives life meaning (Debbie Smith) and gives the wherewithal to endure those moments of uncertainty but allows you to go through it together.

Friends…the strangers we choose to be part of our lives

 I find this segment a necessary thing to do in my life at this moment. We all come to a time in our lives where we realize the things that are most important versus all the other shit we gave life to that so didn’t deserve it. The same goes for people. There are people that don’t deserve our energy, and we do ourselves a disservice by continuing to give it to them over and over again. This process is called insanity. I have decided that I no longer want to be insane when it comes to relationships. Women can be difficult creatures from time to time (I know, newsflash right) and because of that we can often cause rifts in our sister-ships and they can be damaged to the point of ill repair.

With that being said, I have decided that as I embark on my 50th year of life and my ever going quest to be the best me I can be (daily walk) I am implementing  a personal task.  Not a resolution as they fail for lack of effort or next year brings new resolutions.  This task is to not only better myself and my life, but to hopefully bring a little bit of betterment to my circle and slightly beyond.  I am having some one on one sister time with at least 12 ladies (at least 1 per month if it works) to spend some quality time, some eating, drinking, talking, laughing time.  My goal by December is to have built better relationships with these ladies and moving forward to continue to lift each other up, be support and love on each other.

I was compelled to start this task because I know how easy it is to drift away from people. How all of a sudden your conversations lessen, you don’t see each other anymore and then the chasm becomes so large and wide you just let it go.  I don’t want that anymore, especially if I can help it.  I like people, I like to craft. I love food and wine.  You can have all those things together in one place.  Mind-blown right?  Sometimes however you NEED to just pick one person at a time for face time as I call it.  Not for hours unless that’s what you want but some good ole, eye contact.  Some let me look at you and see you.  Ask some questions, but more importantly listen not with just your ears but your heart.

Life is hard enough, our relationships shouldn’t be and certainly don’t have to be.  We are supposed to be the thing we want to receive.  Love, warmth, compassion, a safe refuge, a friend.  You must first be a friend in order to make a friend because like energies connect.  Once those connections are made, the genuine ones, the ones that go through some things, fall outs, shouting matches (maybe) misunderstandings, and what I call the come back, now those are the ones to hold on too.

I will close with this.  I was once told that everybody you know is not your friend.  That has proven to be true time and time again.  You can’t be friends with everyone.  Life is not set up that way.  Being friendly is way different from being friends with.  While our lives are not our own you can’t give all of you away.  It’s important to keep some for yourself, and share that with those strangers that you are glad you met and now call friends.


Brief moments of clarity

Life is an adventure done right, it only needs to be once. We all have a past, skeleton collections and bad decisions. Yet, we move on, ask for forgiveness and forgive ourselves. In the quiet moments of the day we reflect. If it hadn’t been for that, this wouldn’t be. If I hadn’t hurt her, then I wouldn’t have been able to see this. I was an ass so this is what happened because of that. There is a cause and effect for our actions. Not every denial is a defeat. Not every no is final, sometimes it’s just a long pause- a hold on just a moment there are 15 calls ahead of you. Impatient people hang up, sometimes however it’s worth the wait. The greatest moments in my life have come from hurt, heartbreak, despair and betrayal. I am today from those moments of clarity. The ability or growth to step back, assess the situation and hold! Hold on to those things worth fighting for. When the new day comes and you can look at the big picture you see it better. Clarity and perspective are worth the wait.

Merry Christmas…and a ho ho ho!

Twas the eve before Christmas and all through the pad not a creature was stirring , we were all mad!!! The wine was all gone, all the glasses were dirty, it was now 7:00 and the liquor store  closed at 6:30.  

When up on the roof there arose such a clatter we were all drunk so it really didn’t matter.  Then came down the chimney this cat in a suit, carrying a bag full of possible loot.  His suit was bad he was casket clean, this dude was sharp if you know what I mean.

He said not a word as he prepared the scene – he had bottles of Remy and some good ole Jim Beam.  He poured some shots and set them ablaze and we began the familiar phrase.

Merry Christmas to all and too all a good night.  Now pass me a drank, let’s get turnt tonight.


Is it the most wonderful time of year?

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s Christmas all day all the time.  Black Friday, small business Saturday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday….ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!  Make it stop.  There have been Christmas things in certain stores since July.  WHYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

What burns my biscuits about this particular holiday is the slow methodical way they force feed you Christmas trees, sales, and subliminal thoughts all before Labor Day.  Not to mention the peer pressure of buying the perfect gift for people you don’t even like,  why, it was on sale!!!!!  NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Now I must share that I have not been a fan of holidays since November 1, 1979. All Saints Day. So for years, even this one, I wished that we could simply by pass the months of November and December and go straight to January. I mean when your dad dies at the begging of the month most things after that kinda don’t matter. To boot, little asshole Herman Swift in my 6th grade class informed that that I was so mean that was why my father died. ASSHOLE!!!! Yeah, I might to revisit my therapist about that. It still pisses me off. I digress.

So holiday season, from right after Halloween is done, literally then it’s Christmas on steroids. The music, the lights, the decorations, the ugly sweaters, hot chocolate and fireplaces with fuzzy socks. Don’t sound so bad huh? Well, it’s not but well it’s a little lopsided. While there are those of us who like that kind of thing there are those of us that simply go through the motions of this holiday cheer, fa la la la la and ho ho ho. Outside of the religious aspect of it all (cause we won’t get into that) it would appear for some that folks are a little nicer, thoughtful and maybe just willing to be a little happier (in the spirit of it all), hence my question. Why can’t we keep the same holiday cheer all year round?

I believe it’s because people use this time of year to make amends for being jack asses and mean ass people all year. So they buy the gifts, and hold the doors and say Happy Holidays and let you in their wold for just a little while. Once the tree comes down and the last pine needle has been swept up, it’s back to being a jerk. Cutting people off in traffic, being rude, no longer singing carols of chestnuts roasting but threatening to cut off someone’s nuts. So you mean to tell me out of 12 month period we can only be kind to one another for 2 of them? Bah Humbug indeed.

So I have proactively been working to reverse the 2 month holiday cheer to all year round. I try to be a little nicer daily, in my job it’s necessary when dealing with people with cancer that may be on borrowed time anyway. In my relationships, friend, wife, daughter, niece, cousin because it’s the people around us that we sometimes treat the worse not on purpose but out of oh, you know I was joking. Or you know I didn’t mean it like that. Well, here’s what I know.

Christmas time can be all year, if it truly lives in your heart. How bout we try collectively to live each day as if we are in the holiday season. The one that brings us closer together for no other reason than just because we are being festive. We can be festive all the time right? Practicing a little patience, being a little kinder than necessary, maybe not the ugly sweaters and fuzzy socks in the summer but certainly other practices could be done year round. Smiling at strangers, holding doors, just being a damn decent person.

So do me a favor, once the tree is down, and the garland no longer is scattered about, we can still say hello to our neighbors and take the time to do nice things for others. It may not be Christmas all year but we can certainly stay in the spirit more than 2 months a year. I bet you can do it. Let’s give it a try.

if you’re happy and you know it eat a doughnut.

As we embark on the holiday season where it has been agreed upon by the powers to be at some secret meeting,  that it is ok to overindulge for the next two months. Before I type another word, this post is purely about me and my perspective on weight.  This is not to shame anyone who might read this or share it.  Now, let’s continue.

As an almost 50 and fine year old, let me just say that my thoughts on food especially during the holiday have changed severely since I started weight watchers.  Well, 9 years ago then off and on to present day.

I decided to write about this because my motto going in 2018 is I will not be fat and 50 so I restarted Weight Watchers.  Let me just tell you, it’s not as easy to loose this shit as it is to gain it.  I lost 50 pounds 9 years ago…took a while but all but 5 pounds I found again.  It was proportioned a little different the second time around since I was on some medicine that made you gain water weight and then eat everything that wasn’t nailed down or that couldn’t out run you when I started 9 years ago.  Now, it wasn’t for the people that saw me everyday, no it was my great aunt who lives in Cleveland.  By way of my mother I received a message that my great aunt and uncle were in a pretty heated discussion and the bottom line was “she’s my niece, I can say what I want and she is too pretty to be carrying all that weight”.  Well damnit, if Bea said so then it must be true.  So I decided that I didn’t want to be fat and 40 and 40 wasn’t optional were the exact words I spoke to the leader of the meeting who oddly enough shares a name with my mom.  I felt it was supposed to be.

Life happens and with that comes ups and downs, (weight and otherwise), relationship woes, family strife, eating more than a serving, finding out that wine is an acceptable meal.  Then you kinda admit that the pants that fit just a few months ago must have shrunk in the damn dryer (it’s always the dryers fault).  You honestly look in the mirror and well, you don’t see it in your face.  No chipmunk cheeks.  Your arms are okay, still muscular, a little old lady under hang as I call it.  Then it gets real…where did all that back fat come from?  Ummm, the muffin top is real man.  So…what to do.  I promised myself I would never again buy a certain size for myself because I have the tools to not need to do that.

So you get back on the wagon and start the program over.  Then because you lack patience you stop again.  Then you decide that doughnuts are acceptable for two meals (I loveeeeeee doughnuts) and then you have to have the talk with your doughnut loving alter ego also known as your self.  So after some pouting and throwing away of cookies, we got back on the wagon this time for me.  Not that the last time wasn’t for me but this time is different.  I know how great it feels to lose weight and how I feel about myself, as an almost 50 year old, as a shorter woman with a big ole booty and how the weight shifts when you have those attributes. So here we are 10 pounds down and feeling great about the progress.  Here’s what I know.  We all have something we don’t like about ourselves.  The only way to fix it is to do something only YOU can do.  Don’t like your teeth, seek dental care, don’t like your hair, seek a hair professional.  Don’t like your weight, lose some of it.  No need in complaining about things only you can change.  Some things take longer than others but one thing is for sure.  You have to start somewhere.  The end results may vary but you will never know how it ends if you don’t start.

Self-Esteem is very important and the sooner we learn to love ourselves for ourselves and not for the reasons society places upon us the happier we will be.  With that we should also take care of ourselves better.  Stop smoking, I know it’s hard but you are worth it.  Wanna lose 20 pounds make some life style changes, eat half the sandwich, with a glass of water and eat the damn doughnut.  Babysteps, slow but steady.